Who made this site?

As you're perusing the wonderful collection of inceredible things on this site, you may begin to wonder to yourself, "Who made this site?" Well, I'm here and about to answer that inquiry for you. This site is designed, coded, and curated by yours truly:

Mitchell Philipp!

I am high school student who loves to experiment with all manner of computer technologies. Amongst other things, I have a particular interest in web design and the Java programming language. In fact, I spend a lot of my free time working on side projects like financial database programs and text encryptors.

I am also a very strange person and enjoy confusing people as much as possible. Don't be alarmed if I suddenly stand up and say something about innumerable squids or a flamboyant potato. This is a regular occurence and should be ignored. My friends and I also have a habit of screaming randomly. If you witness this, don't worry and yes, we are insane.

What the heck is this site for?

Another persistent quandry that may be bouncing around your mind as you read this is, "What is this site for?" Well, I can answer that too. This site is technically for my web design class at Saint Pius X Catholic High School. However, I am using it as a sort of home base for all of my computer based endeavors. Whether it's a experiment in SVG animation or JS random color generation, I intend for it to be accessible from this site.

So what the heck do I do?

Feel free to access any of the resources found on this site. Because I also have to use this for my web design class, the site is generally divided into two main sections: Personal Projects and School Projects.

School Projects qualify as anything that I make that is for school, particularly for my web design class. This part of the site is divided into two subsections: Projects and Practice. Projects are anything that I'm graded on. Practice is anything else I've experimented with in school. These are generally very liable to be buggy and are very unpolished.

Personal Projects are anything else that wasn't for school. These are generally on the more creative side than the School Projects becuase they're not limited by grading requirements. Major projects appear directly under the Personal Projects menu. Other projects can be found under Miscellaneous. The projects in this section are generally more polished because I've had more time to work on them and make them better.

Now that you've got the general layout of the site, feel free to explore! If you find something you like, don't hesitate to share it with others.

How can I contact you?

If you need to contact me for any reason, whether it's to report a bug, ask a question, or make a suggestion, all relevant information can be found on the Contact page.

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