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At the beginning of the movie, Cornerstore is a place run by storks, previously known for delivering babies, but that now deliver packages. Tulip is the last baby produced at the Cornerstore, and she is orphaned and taken in by the storks. She grows to work with the storks for new business ideas. Junior is the company's best delivery stork, soon to be promoted if only he'll fire Tulip. He can't bring himself to fire her though, so he promotes her to working in the mail room and asks her to never come out so his boss won't know. A child on earth named Nate Gardener desperately wants a younger brother, so he writes to the company asking for a baby brother. Tulip recieves this letter in the mail room, and accidentally puts it in the slot that goes to the baby factory. As a result, the baby factory makes an unauthorized baby. Junior tries to stop this, but fails when he dislocates his wing. Knowing they could be fired for this, they decide to try to deliver the baby and name her Diamond Destiny.

Since Junior's wing is broken, they have to use Tulip's flying machine to deliver Diamond Destiny. However, they crash into a frozen tundra and are ambushed by a pack of wolves. They are able to escape because the wolves have fallen in love with Diamond Destiny and are distracted by how cute she is. An amployee at Cornerstore called Pigeon Toady learns about Diamond Destiny and tries to find her in the hopes that the boss will give him the promotion instead of Junior. He and the boss scramble the coordinates that Junior and Tulip are following to lead the mto a different location. They run into a stork named Jasper, who is discovered to be the stork who broke the machine that would locate Tulip's family. They discover that she has had the missing part with her the whole time, so they fix the machine and Jasper agrees to take Tulip to meet her family. As Junior continues to try to deliver the baby, he is captured by the boss. Tulip stops looking for her parents and comes to help rescue Junior. She and Junior then fight off an army of penguins to escape. In order to escape, they have to turn on the abandoned baby making machine as a distraction. The boss tries to attack them with a set of body armor, but they manage to make the package factory fall, taking the boss with it and seemingly killing him.


I found the movie to be pretty good. It was very goofy and silly, and the humor was mostly tailored to young children. There were a few parts that were a bit emotional, but it was mostly very silly and not serious. Many of the characters were kind of over the top, and they could have used a little bit less of that. I'd give it 3/5 stars.


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