Mitchell Philipp

Mr. Greenlee

AP Computer Science A, Period 6

19 September 2018

Summary: Google has entered into agreements with T-Mobile and another network company to enable all android phones to send location when making a 911 call. Google unveiled this technology two years ago, but only now is it being rolled out as a feature. Google hopes the new location sending will help 911 dispatch offices to save more lives by providing more accurate locations of callers. It is also hoped that similar tech will be available in Apple's iOS 12.

Opinion: I think it's excellent that Google is finally implementing this feature. Given how long GPS has been around, I'm frankly surprised this hasn't happened already. While 911 dispatch centers do have location services, they can be wildly inaccurate. If google is using the GPS to make location more accurate, I hope this will make people everywhere safer.

Citation: Dani Deahl, "Android phones in the US will now automatically share your location during 911 calls," 19 September 2018,