Mitchell Philipp

Mr. Greenlee

AP Computer Science A

8 March 2019

Summary: Facebook recently announced a new policy to help deal with the misinformation being spread by anti-vaccine groups on the platform. They do not plan to remove the pages of anti-vax groups from the platform, but they will remove such groups from its 'recommendations' section. It will also stop allowing advertisers to target people interested in 'vaccine controversy.' Anti-vax suggestions will no longer appear as predictions in the search box.

Opinion: Ridiculous! They act like we, the knowledgeable, are the problem. Don't they know vaccination is the number one cause of death in America!! It said so on Facebook. Do they honestly believe they can try to silence us like this? The people deserve the TRUTH about vaccines! They need to know the NSA is lacing vaccines with nanobots to get into their bloodstream and scan their thoughts! If we don't say something to stop them, no one will. The government is trying to take over our thoughts, and we can't let that happen. If they keep getting the vaccines into us, they can use them to control our minds and coerce us into forced labor! They try to tell us vaccines are 'safe' and they don't 'cause' autism and they are designed to keep people 'healthy.' Yeah, right. We know the truth. These lies are nothing more than a trick, a lie, a farce designed to deceive us and lull us into a false sense of security. But we are not tricked. They aim only to poison us all for their benefit. The so called 'government officials' say they are helping, but we know they are all just piles of snakes. They slither around in their executive suits, writhing and hissing as they plot our demise. They fly in their invisible black helicopters, looking over the land and claiming it as their own. They leave chemtrails behind their helicopters, mysterious white lines appearing in the sky, and douse us with chemicals designed to keep us docile. But we will never go docile. No matter how hard they try, they cannot keep us down. The lizards controlling Facebook will never silence us, no matter how they try with their censorship and secret assassinations. Any reptilian who tries to keep us down will be met with the fury of a million fists. We will shatter to pieces every accursed syringe they try to stick in us. We will overthrow the treacherous snakes that so try to oppress us, disbanding their contorted bodies and letting them slither back to the depths of hell whence they came. They cannot poison us, for we have the cure. Our essential oils can cure any vaccine they try to give us. They sit up there in their 'International Space Station,' laughing at us as they pump us full of chemicals. They know not that we have the secret to their downfall. We have a plan. We have the means. Now we just wait, preparing to take down the World Government that so tries to subdue us. This new policy from Facebook is a setback, to be sure, but it is mere dust in the wind when compared to the plans we have in motion. They will never see us coming. They cannot resist the Reckoning. Prepare yourselves.

Citation: Rachel Becker, "Facebook outlines plans to curb anti-vax conspiracy theories," The Verge, 7 March 2019,