About Espoo

Espoo is a city located in southern Finland, near the capital Helsinki. Espoo has a population of approimately 270,000 people, most of whom live in its inner metropolitan area. Espoo has large sections of natural wilderness. Here are some basic numerical stats:

Stats Provided by visitespoo.fi
Shoreline: 58km
Lakes: 95
Islands: 165
Hotels: 11
Hotel Beds: 1600
Theaters: 7
Sports Grounds: 7
Skiing Tracks: 200km
Cycling Trails: 600km
Riding Paths: 22km
Golf Courses: 8


Transportation to Espoo from Atlanta needs to be by plane. Flights from Atlanta to Helsinki range from $770 to $1500. Once in Finland, transportation can be arranged from Helsinki to Espoo by a rental car or by the HSL.

In Espoo itself, there are many methods of transportation available. You can rent a car from one of several rental services in Espoo. You can also use the HSL, or Helsinki Region Transport. The HSL provides transport by bus, tram, metro, ferry, and train, with varying ticket prices.